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The Principality of Andorra is a beautiful country between France and Spain.

How big is Andorra?

Our country has 468 km² of total surface and there are 78.015 inhabitants registered in 2020 by the Statistical Department of the Government of Andorra.

Our currency is Euro. The official language is Catalan. But there are other languages spoken; French, Spanish, Portuguese and even English.

The distance from Barcelona to Andorra is 207 km and 180 km from Toulouse to Andorra.

6 powerful reasons why you should choose Andorra for living:

1. Andorra is multilingual country

Citizens and new citizens are able to choose one of three education systems in schools for their children (Catalan, French or Spanish).

Healthcare System

You can get an excellent public healthcare system based on several international agreements.

Children can speak 4 languages very fluently

Our children growing up surrounded by five languages (catalan, spanish, french, portuguese and english) and and many come to understand and speak in all five languages before their 18.

2. Safety country. Perhaps the safest in Europe.

The Principality of Andorra offers a high level of civic security.

It’s a small country surrounded by mountains and has two borders (french and Spanish border).

Cops are always present everywhere. The entrance border controls (both) are intensive.

3. Andorra is a cosmopolitan country

For many years and for historical reasons, The Principality of Andorra has a large inflow of foreign nationals, Andorra is recognized as a modern and a very cosmopolitan country.

The majority of its citizens speak various languages; Catalan, Spanish, French, Portuguese and even English.

All these points allow an easy integration for foreign investors.

4. We have a highly competitive tax framework

Andorra has maybe the lowest tax framework in Europe and it’s one of the lowest in the world as well.

The Principality of Andorra offers very competitive operating costs for entrepreneurs and companies.

This is the main reason why investing in Andorra is really interesting for entrepreneurship.

5. Prosperous country

Prosperous and stable economy with a GDP superior to the European average.

Andorra has a prosperous economy currently based on the tourism (over 8 million of visitors per year), commerce, finance and construction business.

6. Innovation and technological leadership

Andorra is always investing in new technologies. The result is an excellent infrastructure.

So, Andorra has already converted to an all-digital broadcasting network since 2007.

Andorran homes has an advanced telecommunications service thanks to an extensive network and a program.

This structure allows to connect each andorran home to the fiber optic network since 2010.

There are more reasons which living in Andorra is one of the best choices if you want to get more for your wealth and healthy.


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