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This website is PatrickAndorra identifies the services that Find Your Realty Property Finders ™ offers in the Principality of Andorra, such as; professional real estate services, both residential and commercial. This Andorran company operates under the trade name of Find Your Realty.

However, Find Your Realty directs all its efforts to ensure that all the information that is published on the website is accurate and complete, it is only informative, so it is more indicative than definitive.

Therefore, Find Your Realty does not guarantee, explicitly or implicitly, the accuracy of the published data, and furthermore, as permitted by applicable laws, Find Your Realty does not accept any responsibility for possible errors, inaccuracies or omissions, nor for the possible loss that may arise as a direct or indirect consequence of trust in the published content.

Users browsing our website should not carry out any action or stop executing it exclusively based on the information on it. Find Your Realty can and will correct or update the website without prior notice.

Given the fact that the website is accessible, Find Your Realty does not implicitly enter into or establish any professional, financial, advisory or client relationship. Through our website or our commercial office, neither Find Your Realty nor any other person provides other professional real estate services.


Neither can Find Your Realty guarantee that the website will not suffer any interruptions and / or delays, nor the absence of errors or viruses. The website is offered as is, without warranties of any kind.

Find Your Realty will not be responsible and will not accept any responsibility derived from possible viruses that may infect the session started from your computer through the use or download of applications (.exe applications included), images, content or videos from our page Web.

Important Information Regarding Properties Marketed by Find Your Realty

  1. Data and information: The inserted and visible data of each property is not part of an offer or a contract. They should not be construed as accurate or reliable based on statements made by Find Your Realty, whether orally or in writing (“information”), regarding the properties, their condition or their values. Neither Find Your Realty nor any other possible associate agent has any authority to make representations about the properties, and therefore any existing information is free of any responsibility on the part of real estate agents, sellers or landlords. Before proceeding to sign any document related to a property or property, we recommend that clients consult a lawyer and, if necessary, hire the services of a technician to verify the dimensions and condition of the property in which they are interested before to make the purchase or rental of the property.
  2. Photographs and videos: Photographs and videos only partially present rooms or characteristics of the property or real estate as they were at the time these audiovisual works were made. We insist that the areas, surfaces or dimensions that have been provided are taken from the property titles provided by their owners, these can be approximate. Therefore, we recommend that they be checked or verified by a specialized technician who is provided by the interested customer. The videos and computer-generated images only reflect the appearance of the property, which could change at any time if the current owners make any reform or modification of it.
  3. Permits: Any reference corresponding to alterations or uses made in any part of the property does not imply that the corresponding legal and necessary permits have already been obtained (be it planning, ordering, or any type of consent). The buyer client or tenant client must ensure that all these procedures have been carried out diligently and that all the information is correct, and all these checks can be carried out by means of an inspection or by other methods.
  4. IGI (Andorra VAT): The Andorran IGI tax on the property may be subject to change without notice.
  5. All the information on our website regarding its content in whole or in part is fully subject to changes that can be made at any time.


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